You really really really really want to…….. Know about the newest social media meme?

You really really really really want to…….. Know about the newest social media meme?

Have you observed the word “really” being used in a bunch of tweets, that you’re patient enough to scroll down to see the final line?

Welcome to the newest trend that is sweeping through the social media.

The really really really really….format has been on the top list for all the brands to take it up and create their own meme. Brands never lag behind when it comes to jump on the bandwagon. And this particular meme is a blockbuster.

You really really really meme actually refers to a Snowclone, which brands post anything they desire by repeating the word “really,” writing the word on each line such that they make an arched pattern.

Did you check the memes? Get ready for a fall with lots of LOLs.

We all know Elaichi is medicinal but tastes yuck in Biriyani and sometimes gets nightmarish. Swiggy got sassy and used the meme to talk about biriyani….errr…Elaichi.

When the world is taking “Never Settle” tag too seriously, the brand was seen doing a wordplay with the “Really” meme.

OnePlus unlocked its sarcastic side as well 😉

From “keeping an eye on Bitcoin” to “conveying meaningful messages on Worlds Aids Day”, Durex continues to reinvent itself through its ads.

Scroll down to see Durex issshtyle of creating the “Really” meme.

Forget asking about directions, Google Assistant has been proposed 45,000 times by Indians. Hence Google wanted to know the reason behind this bizarre obsession. What’s better than “Really” meme?

Google’s hilarious spin on “Really” meme took Twitteratis in splits. Indians showed their Tashan in no time. The replies were funnier.

From citing the lack of a ‘Sarv Gunn Sampanna wife’ to putting up a Sacred Games dialogue, Indian Twitterati flooded the comments section with ROFL rejoinders. Indians, I tell you!

Tinder rolled out its take on “Really” meme. And it was totally a right swipe worthy 😀

For all these memes Take a BOW!

According to the Financial Express, one of the first known posts to use this format came to sight in December 2018 with a user with handle @jjkdsc posting with the hashtag #WE_NEED_DSC, referring to a member of K-pop group NCT127. However, some have credited another K-pop group Black Pink’s Really. Others credit singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2015 song “I Really Like You”

It’s hard to imagine our digital life without memes. When done correctly, meme marketing can be your lucky charm. It shares something valuable to the audience. Memes work for brands because they’re designed specifically for social media platforms and provide information through entertainment. Memes make people laugh with a reference to your brand.Because of their entertainment value, it’s easier for your audience to share the memes. Think about it.

Meme marketing is here to stay forever. Mark my words. Forever.

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