Twitterati put the Limelight on Brand Odisha

Twitterati put the Limelight on Brand Odisha

Neil- where are you from?

Meera- Odisha

Neil – Where is it? In WestBengal?

Sounds familiar? Well everyone who hails from Odisha might have faced this situation once in their life, but not anymore! Thanks to the Government of Odisha for making Odisha the host of 14th edition of the Men’s Hockey World Cup. It is a proud moment for all the Odias across the world to witness the 15 nations playing the national sport of India in the capital city Bhubaneswar. It is heart warming to see people from different nationalities visiting ourstate to cheer for their respective teams.

Let’s have a look at some of the tweets by the stalwarts across spectrum who have taken a note of India’s best kept secret, Odisha.

1- Narendra Modi

2- Sachin Tendulkar

3- Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, GOI

4- Shahrukh Khan

5- Salman Khan

6- Nila Madhab Panda

7- International Hockey Federation

8- A.R Rahman

Hashtag #Odisha alone has garnered more than 6 million potential reach in a single day on Twitter, whereas the hashtag  #Bhubaneswar has registereda potential reach of 29 millionin just a week.

We are elated to see so much love on Twitter for Odisha!

If you too have any unique experience in Odisha, share with us in the comment section below.

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