Top 6 Digital Marketing mistakes you need to avoid right now

Top 6 Digital Marketing mistakes you need to avoid right now

Social media marketing today has become a part of your communication mix. Not just for big brands and established businesses but for small local business as well. Now everyone wants to make their brand presence felt on social networks. The simple reason being – that’s where the crowd is.Here are five of the most common mistakes digital marketing companies in Bhubaneswar make. Don’t be guilty of any these, because there is always space for improvements.

Take a look:

Getting caught up on followers

Social media for brands thrive because of followers. When you’re on Twitter with only a couple hundred followers or less than that, it’s hard to make any real impact with the tweets. It’s also hard to generate any considerable and meaningful sales. But that doesn’t mean you should carry out malicious ways just to boost your numbers for the sake of boosting your numbers.

It can be very tempting to opt for services like online outsourcing just the way Fiverr does. It lets you buy many followers as you’d like. You start participating in follow-for-follow schemes and gradually it has turned out to be a trend to play “Who’s got more followers?” While these can help for some extra visibility, they’re not going to help much in the long run. You know, we know and everyone else knows that almost all of your followers are fake accounts. Thus you’re not getting any real value out of Twitter anyway which proves that you’re far better off with 100 real genuine followers than with 10,000 bots and fake accounts.

Not interacting with your fans and followers

Who wants to talk to someone who doesn’t talk back? Get out there and become part of the conversation, answer questions and show that there are real people working behind those posts. Respond to comments and interactions on your own channels, including finding, thanking and interacting with those sharing your content. Join Twitter chats, Facebook groups or find relevant conversations and real time events by using hashtags to find new folks to interact with. It’s about getting to know your audience you’re targeting because you’re because of them. Your audience is your reason why you’re famous on online platforms. Talk to them and know them.

Spreading yourself through thin

People love you for being you, and the same goes for your business. Give your business a personality that expresses the brand, but can also resonate with your main target audience. Emphasize it all with a well branded account – this means using brand colors in posts, sticking to a specific look and feel for visuals. Branding your account requires thought process and planning but will reflect as a unique brand experience your audience recognizes, loves and keeps coming back for. Just don’t throw all your efforts into every channel that pops up on your screen. If you were to divert too much of your time and resources away from established platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and grow your followers on sites which are not enough engaging then you have just wasted it all. Don’t be over the top unnecessarily. Be as much as it is required.

Overdramatizing the automation

In today’s world of digital marketing, common mistakes like posting everything in real time and scheduling posts before 3 weeks are troublesome and tricky. Both of the acts are not practical in any way. One shouldn’t keep thee “Set it and forget it” mentality with social media because it doesn’t work either. Automation can be good. Automation can be useful. Just make sure it’s still genuine and authentic. Don’t hurry when its automation. Only because we’re privileged of using technology doesn’t mean we will exaggerate it.

Focusing on yourself only

Just as we don’t like talking to someone who doesn’t listen, someone who only speaks about themselves is equally intolerable. Social media is not a platform for blatantly telling people that they need you, it’s about adding value to their lives and building relationships. Show them you know about what’s going on in the industry, or that you can relate to them by sharing content other than your own. Share some relevant blog posts with your audience time to time. The crux of the story is always maintain a 2-way communication with your audience because without real conversation there is no point carrying out digital marketing campaigns for your business. Particularly in realms like Internet marketing it’s worth connecting with them to share ideas, innovations, strategies, tips and insights. Share links that your followers will find interesting, useful or entertaining. Foremost work is to be interactive with people or else your efforts ain’t taking you anywhere.

Targeting the right audience

Even the most carefully progressive campaigns will fall flat if they are speaking to the wrong audience. In digital marketing, audience is everything. You might have written a catchy advertisement headline that you think sound great, but if it doesn’t reverberate with your actual audience, the ad won’t bring in any results. You have to spend time getting to know the audience you are speaking to. What are their pain points? What types of language appeals to them? Knowing the answers to these questions is key to designing campaigns that will appeal to the people you’re trying to reach in a right way. Don’t just do it but the sake of doing it. Do it wholeheartedly. Target the right audience always.

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