Marketing through Memes: Effective Enough?

Marketing through Memes: Effective Enough?

Getting started with incorporating memes into a marketing strategy in meaningful ways to a generation that has different values and needs is a necessity. Memes are a creative way to advertise one’s products, and the brands have started to rake their brains and unleash the creative genius in them in an attempt to attract more consumers.

Brands used the quirky trend of “If you don’t love me at my worst” meme and the marketing is just done right. Pepsi, Cisco, Netflix and many more created rib tickling memes and used them in their advertising campaign ideas.

Pepsi managed to mingle in their latest advertising campaign where the Samosa alone can’t satisfy your hunger. A Pepsi is a must to go along with samosa for a better mouth watering experience because Samosa has got FIILINGS too. The interesting combo was their social media promotion idea.

Social media is the one stop destination for brands that have made creative marketing the shaping process of the strategy. A meme’s core function is to interpret the storyline into a practical presentation with a tinge of sarcasm and wit. This helps the brands to get maximum engagements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Just like Zomato took a sarcastic jibe at Salman Khan over the black buck hunting case, the advertising campaign has gone viral in no time. ‘Bhel delivered faster than Bail’, reads the version. While Bollywood was waiting for Salman’s bail, Zomato came up with this funny one liner ad and managed to get huge number of engagements on social media.  Earlier the brand made the headlines with its off-centre campaigns such as MC.BC(Mac n’ Cheese, butter chicken), “I’m great in bed-Breakfast”. Zomato’s campaigns are a win-win situation for its marketing and sales because they just know how to use the pun.

Not only famous for making networking devices but also some good advertising stuff, Cisco had a surprise for us and this meme was a hats off.

The creativity of Durex India is always at its peak. Well, in a very funny way Durex took a dig at Facebook’s data leak issue and came up with something very innovative. They said, there are no leaks. Hope you get its meaning 😉

The meme was winning a lot of hearts. Take a look at some of the interesting reactions of people:

With their wit and pop culture references, Mumbai Police tickled social media users  by jumping  on the latest trend “If you don’t love me at my worst” meme. Their Twitter game was absolutely on point and the Twiterrati used the same meme to air grievances about the police’s functioning. Though not a corporate brand but Mumbai Police’s trendy marketing strategy led way to a simple yet effective road safety lesson.

Memes are the stairway to a kick-ass marketing campaign. Be it an image or hyperlink or hashtag, one doesn’t simply do marketing without MEMES.

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