How brands used overnight celebrities to maximize their business

How brands used overnight celebrities to maximize their business

As kids, we all dreamed of becoming famous as celebrities, doling out autographs and flashing a smile at the cameras. Little did we know that years later, the magic of social media would actually leave no stone unturned when it comes to attaining fame in any form overnight. Yes, we are talking about fresh faces, who ruled the social media.

We all are aware of Ranu Mondal and her journey from Bengal Railway Station to Mumbai’s music studio. The journey surely portrays the script of a Bollywood rags to riches story. Singing “Ek Pyaar ka Nagmaa Hai” at Kolkata station to recording a song for Himesh Reshamiya, Mondal has come a long way. All thanks to Social Media, the video got 552,085 views on social media.

Ranu Mondal singing Pyaar ka Nagma hai at Kolkata Railway Station

This video got 588,498 views on Instagram and 30 million views on YouTube.

Screenshot from video posted by Himesh Reshamiya

She was seen singing in a TV reality show “Superstar Singer”.

Social Media is the main reason behind this Internet Celebrity and of course her talent.

From Priya Prakash Varrier, who made India skip a collective heartbeat, to Dhinchak Pooja, the Queen of Cringe-Pop or just cringe (doesn’t really matter), they just went bat-shit viral, all thanks to Internet. (Cringe pop is a genre of music which is so bad that you can’t stop watching them.)

Miss. Pooja’s “Selfie maine le li aaj” is an evergreen classic exhibiting how a nasal voice with self-appreciative lyrics and 4 boys as backup performers looking clueless can be a blockbuster hit. The track got etched in the minds of people and the rest is history as they say.

The famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss used Dhinchak Pooja’s fame to perfection by making her a participant through a wild card entry. This way the fans of Dhinchak Pooja became more interested to watch the episodes that showed how an overnight star can be the source to garner engagements.

Priya Varrier was an overnight sensation from a 30-second clip of a song. Her wink made many hearts melt and boys couldn’t stop drooling over her. Her popularity skyrocketed. Thousands of people have declared her as their crush and looking at her smile who wouldn’t!

Brands like Nestle didn’t lag behind and used it for their business. The ad got released in six languages and was well received by the mass. Despite everything, Nestle Munch had their sales increased through the WINK 😉

You can check out the ad here – Nestle MunchMyT20

Not to forget Sanjeev Srivastava aka Dancing Uncle, who with his cool dance moves, broke the Internet in a matter of hours. The dancing video was so viral that he was appointed the brand ambassador of Vidisha Municipal Corporation. He performed on the sets of the reality game show Dus Ka Dum and Salman Khan was amused to see the moves all together. After Dus Ka Dum, Colors’s hit show Dance Deewane showcased Dancing uncle and Govinda shaking a leg together.

Looks like the reality shows wanted to take advantage of his increasing popularity! (Slow claps!)

These overnight sensations were the powerful examples of social media. Kudos to the brands who used these celebrities’ social presence to promote the respective businesses. Social media helped the brands stand out from the crowd and simultaneously increased their customer satisfaction too.

What are you waiting for? Establish your business on social media and see how the prowess of social media can do wonders to your brand, overnight (Winks!)


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