How Brands use Emotions to Influence a Buyer’s Decision

How Brands use Emotions to Influence a Buyer’s Decision

A little boy trudging along on a railway platform with a small backpack in the name of valued possession. Remember? I am talking about the Dhara ad. After almost 30 years, the ad still holds strong. The ad was about the emotional bond kids share with food.

“Jalebiiii!” How the little guy screamed with delight and the idea of leaving home wasn’t lucrative anymore!

This ad just stays with you, forever!

Did you just smile now recollecting the emotional ad?

Check it out here

Hari Sadu by was an advertising gem. This particular ad was an emotional marketing strategy when internet was in its infancy. broke the belief that BOSS IS GOD. The ad was a remarkable success story because it cleverly hit the pain point of the target audience, also highlighting the fact that one should take a job one should enjoy. even bagged the Consumer Connect ‘Campaign of the Year’ award.

H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and it goes like this-

Remember the small pug who won million hearts in the Hutch ad? The slogan “Wherever you go, our network follows” was held closely with the campaign. The network was symbolized as the adorable pug following the owner, who is a very cute kid. The ad has a simple message that was communicated through the pug with a beautiful song “You and I in this beautiful world” in the backdrop. The little pug became a brand asset to Hutch, hence increasing the brand personality.

Indeed, Vodafone’s Zoo Zoo found a special place in every Indian’s hearts in no time.

Building on the trend of emotional storytelling, the most watched Indian ad on YouTube was Hyundai’s 20 years brilliant moments ad, that focused on moments and family bonds treasured for a lifetime. The video had 220 million views on YouTube.

You just can’t ignore human emotions- joy, anger, boredom, frustration- there’re a horde of them. The whip-smart marketers have been nudging into human emotions to make a connection with their audience and turn it into forever relationships.

And do you know? Emotions get you sales.

Hard hitting ads really work well. With strong emotional content, the anti-smoking ads advocated quitting the habit. A cute little girl shrinks her face after watching her dad smoking, and then smiling after her father threw away the cigarette. The impact of emotional messages in commercials play a significant role in our lives.

Another scariest anti-smoking commercial was the sponge being used to demonstrate the amount of cancer-producing tar which goes into the lungs. A pair of hands wrings out a tar-blackened sponge and the tar can be seen overflowing into a beaker.

Hard-hitting, isn’t it?

In this race of advertising, Max insurance has come a long way by rolling out an advertisement which urges individuals to take life insurance seriously rather than pushing it to a later date. This heart-wrenching ad will certainly make one more responsible towards life insurance policies. This advertising had a high scare quotient.

Hindustan Unilever Limited have launched numerous initiatives under their “Start a Little Good” philosophy, the newest being “Start a Little Good” with water conservation. They are doing their bit to save water, urging everyone to do the same. Check out the ad here

Studies show emotionally charged up ads create powerful memories in people’s minds. In turn, these memories motivate us into taking action. Sentimental commercials may drive us to make a donation or an expensive purchase.

We all know those calorie-stuffed snacks and drinks are bad for us but companies like Pepsi, Coca Cola don’t talk about it. Rather they focus on youth, energy and good times. Emotions in advertising is crucial to advertising success. Yes the main motive is to sell the products but via their ads they gave us so much more than just their products. Emotional branding of products trigger a buying response.

Get started with emotional branding, know your target audience (what they feel, what they want) and craft your marketing messages as such.

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