5 things everyone from an ad agency will relate to

5 things everyone from an ad agency will relate to

Advertising agency is all about excitement, creativity, deadlines, fun, client meetings every day and all things good. What it is to work in an ad agency can’t be summed up but anyway let’s take a look at 5 things every creature from an ad agency will relate to-

1- DEADLINE- The greatest inspiration for people at an ad agency

2- Staff meeting? Nobody got time for that.

It doesn’t matter that there is work stacking up on everyone’s desk, a deadline looming or the building is on fire- if the team lead wants a meeting, they are definitely going to have a meeting.

3- Client- We like the drone idea, we just don’t have the budget. Can you make it work?
Agency be like- 

4- Things that piss off copywriters

5- When the client comes back to you asking for the nth change

That’s right. You’re creative. But they’ll come back with a change. Then another one and another, until you feel like you’re on a treadmill.

We, at Digituall, work till the point of exhaustion to get approvals from our clients. But then who wouldn’t want to work at a place that is known for spectacular ideas, after work parties and cool bosses who believe in the philosophy ‘Work hard and party harder.’ Whether it’s playing Counter Strike to keep the stress at bay or drinking beer, bosses at creative advertising agencies are someone you can be friends with. But remember everything comes with a price. Pros and cons are the ingredients of every creative agency.

Right in the feels? We knew it. Have something funny and punny at your ad agency? Share them with us.

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